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Programs & Scholarships

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First District PTA Commemorative Scholarship

The First District PTA Commemorative Scholarship Fund was established to commemorate First District PTA volunteers who were long-time, dedicated child advocates and whose tireless efforts contributed greatly to the benefit of students, parents, and schools within the geographic area of First District PTA.

Commemorative scholarships in the amount of $750 each are awarded to acknowledge select graduating high school students who have achievements, service and involvement in the following areas:







Each year, First District PTA (FDPTA) awards scholarships of $750.00 to support selected students who are planning to attend a community college, trade or tech school, or a four-year college or university in the fall (2023).


Applicants must be current graduating high school seniors, members of their high school PTA/PTSA, have a GPA of at least 2.0, and should have a strong record of community service and/or school activities, held an after school, part-time, or summer job, and/or managed extra home responsibilities.


There are three (3) pages to the fillable forms – the instructions, the application, and the reference form (new this year). Please read EACH form and follow all of the instructions completely.

Applications must be submitted electronically following the link below OR delivered in person to your high school's main office. 

The application deadline is Friday, March 25 by 5pm PDT.

Students must use the First District PTA Commemorative Scholarship fillable forms and must answer all questions on the application and include a personal statement that touches on as many of the essay prompts as are applicable to the student. The applicant’s personal statement/essay should be typed and attached to the application. Students must include all required documents in the order prescribed in the application.

PTA Council of PUSD will carefully review applications and select one student application from each high school PTA/PTSA in good standing in their council to be forwarded to First District PTA for consideration by the FDPTA scholarship committee. The final decision to award scholarships are at the discretion of First District

Submission Instructions:
Once application is completed, please combine all documents into one PDF and email to (you do not need to secure a PTA Council President signature... the president will sign the completed applications once received).

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