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Congratulations, New Board Members!
(Now What?!)

Excited about the work ahead for your PTA or Parent Engagement group, but not sure where to start?

PTA Council of PUSD can help.

This spring and summer, we're offering an all-new leadership development service to help your organization's executive board come together as one team, build priorities and focus your fundraising, program and advocacy in an inclusive way. 

This workshop retreat (can be offered as a two segments or as a single-session workshop, in-person or virtually) will be facilitated by experienced PTA Council of PUSD board officers.

Our program includes:

  • Inclusive team-building

  • Opportunity identification and prioritization

  • Service, program and activity focus to address your organization's biggest challenges and opportunities

Council brings all the supplies and materials for the event. All you need to do is supply a location (living rooms, backyards, school classrooms, etc) and bring eats for your team!

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