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* The Council Association Meeting is open to all PUSD PTA Members. The Listening Forum is open to anyone, regardless of affiliation.

PTA Council of PUSD supports all PUSD PTAs and their mission to advocate for all children  and families enrolled in the Pasadena Unified School District. 


This school year, we've made a commitment to join PUSD and its community partners in championing diversity, equity and inclusion.

In order to ensure that our advocacy has community impact, we need to listen to the community.

In partnership with the PUSD African American Parent Council (AAPC) and the District English Learner Advisory Council (DELAC), PTA Council of PUSD will host a community listening event to discuss how we can work together to better advocate for your child in ways such as:

Curriculum • Communications • Socio-emotional health & safety • Services and supports for families • Cultural relevance • Technology

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