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Thanks to all who attended the Leadership Summit.

If you were not able to attend the Summit, below are links to the materials, recordings and presentations from all the sessions hosted at our event. It is our hope that you can use these as guide posts for the important leadership work you are about conduct within your own units.

Expect to hear from each of the presenters about upcoming "deeper-dive" seminars, office hours and leadership development sessions to help you throughout the year. We are here to support you and we're available to you, anytime, to make your job smooth and successful.

Your PTA Council of PUSD Executive Committee

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Council President Introduction & Keynote Address

Meet all members of your Council Executive Committee and hear from Council President Scott Harden as he outlines the PTA Council of PUSD vision, goals and actions for the year.

PTA: Building Bridges & Making Connections
(Facilitated by Pasadena Education Network)


Get the understanding and tools to begin building bridges among diverse parts of your school communities and connect with more families with the school community through PTA.

Block A


Choose one of the following session options:

Session Option 1:
Presidential Fundamentals


This session will orient new unit Presidents to their roles and responsibilities.




Session Option 2:
Financial Fundamentals


If you are a new unit Treasurer, Auditor, Financial Secretary or a Fundraising Coordinator, this session will orient you to how you fit into your PTA unit's financial structure.


Session Option 3:
Process & Governance


As a unit Secretary, Parliamentarian, or Historian, you have specific roles and responsibilities in ensuring your unit keeps accurate records, operates fairly, and tracks volunteer work performed by its members.

Session Option 4:
Membership Essentials 


It's the height of PTA membership season. We'll talk about ways Membership VP/Coordinators can grow their unit's membership in fun, engaging ways.

Block B


Choose one of the following session options:

Session Option 1:
President & Financial Officers — Workflows for Efficient Accountability

For all unit Presidents, Treasurers, Financial Secretaries, Auditors and Fundraising Coordinators. Learn how to create transparent and efficient workflows to ensure that your unit stays compliant and accountable to its membership.

Session Option 2:
Developing Effective PTA Communications

Are you communicating effectively with your membership? This session is designed for Communications VP/Chairs, Corresponding Secretaries and Digital/Social Media chairs. We'll look at strategies for improving communication across digital and analog spectrums.



Session Option 3:
Advocating for Every Child: Building an Inclusive Unit

PTA's mission is to advocate for every child. Is your unit speaking for all voices? Learn tips and techniques to ensure your board is representing your entire school community, from programs to access. Perfect for DEI or Advocacy chairs, but open to anyone.

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